Getting to Know Manga Comics

A lot of people think that Manga comics are a product of the internet revolution. Sorry but that is not the case, since Manga has been around in Japan for hundreds of years now. It has been a long-held tradition in Japan to tell stories with the use of images that fall into a sequence. Read The Mythical Realm Manga by clicking the link.

It was an 11th century painter priest named Toba Sojo, who was attributed with the earliest pre-Manga art form. He made animal scroll paintings that depicted a satire of the Buddhist priesthood. Over the years it was the religious sector that redefined arts even in the midst of warfare. Katsushika Hokusai is also a popular 19th century artist and printmaker who showcased Mt. Fuji with its 36 views through woodblock print images. When you talk about humor in Japanese art, this is it. Hokusai was also the first person to officially use the term "Manga" even if he was not the one who invented it. Starting 19th century, traditional Japanese Manga art has been influenced by Western cartoons and its lifestyle and principles. Osamu Tezuka on the other hand is considered as the father of modern Manga. He created the most popular Mighty Atom or Astro Boy.

For the beginners in Manga, you have to know the difference between Manga and Anime. Manga is the Japanese word used for comics of cartoons in print media. Anime on the other hand is animation in TV and in film. Even if Manga is essentially cartoon it holds a high place in Japanese culture than comics cartoons in the American society. It is considered a high form of art and literature in Japanese culture. In Japan, majority of the adult population read Manga and a number of Manga magazines sell millions of copies every week. Find Read Manga Online here.

You can also observe that with Manga art, it is more stylized while with American comics the figures are more realistic. Manga comics are often illustrated in black and white while American comics more often are in full color. Mange or what is popularly known as the graphic novel is also smaller in size, usually digest size, about one-third only of the American comics size. American comics are thin about 32 pages only while Manga comics can be thick and can have hundreds of pages.

Manga comics also have a quicker pace in its storyline. They also have less number of panels and with much less dialogues than the American comics. Get more information about Japanese manga at