Why is Japanese Manga so Interesting?

When you look through the shelves of bookstores you can't miss several copies of manga magazines or books. This is regardless of the country you are in. How come this type of cartoon invented in Japan is so popular and is almost replacing the likes of American comics? The reason here is quite simple, Japanese manga is just so interesting. Here is why. Check out Tales of Demons and Gods this link.

They are appealing
The manga and anime focuses on things like teamwork, friendship, strength growth and ability to overcome challenges and obstacles. This is unlike the superhero portraying of characters with extraordinary powers that don't depict a reality. The manga is therefore more appealing especially to people who are not ever going to be the alpha wolf-this is likely all of us. We tend to easily relate with normal male and female characters.

There is variety
Another thing that makes Japanese Manga so interesting is its variety in genre. While the American comics still has variety, it simply can compare with Manga. The American comics are mainly about superheroes and this tends to be boring. One can easily anticipate what is going to happen in the end, there is hardly any suspense. I mean who doesn't know the superhero wins at the end of it all? Manga on the other hand is different, they feature some action, romance, magical girl, and slice of life- it simply has variety. Read Against the Gods at this link.

It is all rounded
One thing you have to know is that all of us have different tastes. While some like the stories, some like the art, while others are into the emotional impact. This calls for something all rounded. That is the Japanese Manga. In a visual medium it expresses people's experiences and/or fantasies. Another common thing you would notice with American comics is that the funny comics only focus on being funny and serious comics also try only to be serious. They end up being monotonous. The Manga will always mix serious and funny, they are just good at that.

They bring out culture
People always want to learn about a foreign culture and this is another thing that the Manga brings. It mostly features the Japanese culture. It is no wonder the Japanese manga has found popularity outside Japan especially in Europe and America.

It is no secret the Japanese Manga has found success not only in Japan but all over the world. The Japanese themselves were surprised to learn of its demand in America and Europe. The big-eyed characters and the art style just create a cute feel. Get more information about Japanese manga at mangakakalot.com